History from 1830

The granite and basalt exploitation in the vicinity of Strzegom started in the year 1689. The full development followed in the 19 century. A great contribution made the family Bartsch. 1826 they started mining in the first quarry (District No.22 popular called BARCZ). The exploitation in the next quarries followed in the next years:
  • 1836 - quarry No.18;
  • 1858 - quarry No.25 / 26 - at present called ŻBIK;
The prosperity time was interrupted by the 1. World War.

In the time between the World War 1. and 2 started the exploitation works in the quarries in Morawa, Graniczna as well as in the basalt - quarry in Góra Szeroka. As a result of these works was destroyed a Lusatian settlement from the years 1000 - 500 v. Chr. At present no basalt is being mined by Strzegom. To the most known objects, for which was used granite from Strzegom before 1939, belong the Reichstag in Berlin and the Neisse-Dam in Otmuchów.

In September 1945 was established the Supervising District No. 4 which embraced the quarries in the vicinity of Strzegom and Jawor. 1946 were mined here 15,5 tonnes stone material. 1945 increased the production fivefold. 1948 was produced from the quarry No.25 / 26 - ŻBIK a more than 30 tonnes heavy stone block from which was made the Zygmunt - Column in Warsaw. That was a gift of Lower Silesia for Warsaw.

In the next years developed intensively both the manual and mechanical granite dressing. 1956 was opened the mechanical dressing plant: the sewing, grinding and circulating machines rooms. 1964 was opened in the Department Graniczna the aggregate processing plant. The products made in the years 1945 - 1960 were used for reconstruction of many public objects, e.g. for bridges and buildings.

1957 we began to export our products to the countries of West Europe:
Germany, Sweden and Holland.

1968 were used for the first time the diamond inserts for cutting of plates and 1971 the cut burners for cutting of granite banks. Our Company changes its name many times. It was called among others: Strzegomskie Zakłady Obróbki Granitu, Strzegomskie Zakłady Kamienia Budowlanego, Strzegomskie Przedsiębiorstwo Górniczo - Produkcyjne. The territorial sector also changed. Some compartments were taken over and some of them were given away. Previously belonged to our Company among others the compartment: Morawa, Graniczna 15 / 27 and the quarries in Piechowice - Michałowice and in Szklarska Poręba - the quarry Czerwony Potok. From the last one were delivered the granite blocks for the recovery of the Artus - Court in Gdańsk.

Our Company belonged also to the Zjednoczenie Przemysłu Kamienia Budowlanego (Building Stone Industry Union) and later to the Kombinat Kamienia Budowlanego KAMBUD (Building Stone Industrial Complex) in Kraków. At present is our Company an independent unit. In the 90's was made the decision to modernise machinery. They were put into operation the disk sewing machines, an automatic process line, a flame graining machine for plate processing, a line sewing machine and a paving stone process line. Our offer was extended above others by garden furniture. 1995 was put into operation in the department ŻBIK the crane type DERRICK of the lifting capacity 25 tonnes and with the extension arm 60 m. It is at present one of the biggest cranes of such type in Poland.

Our granite products as building material are esteemed highly both in the national and international markets.

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